Things to Remember Before You Move to Barbados

I've been meaning to blog, really I have. I've had a marvelous couple of weeks of "vacation" during the holidays. But this post isn't that post.

Around Christmas time some friend from New York and I were on the beach at Dover, in St Lawrence Gap, near some band playing steel pan. An American guy started talking to us and told me in his heavy Bostonian accent about one of his favorite blogs...something like Janet in Barbados. So, big time blogger and blog reader that I am, I looked it up...Planet Barbados. It's a blog by a transplanted American woman who married a Bajan man and now lives in Barbados. Lucky her!

For my future Fulbrighter friends or anyone else out there who wishes to know more about Barbados before you get on that plane, here is some more good advice to add to the list.

From Janet Shattuck Hoyos: Barbados: Six Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving Here

The picture above shows Bridgetown with a rainbow draped over it. Very appropriate. I shot it in mid-December 2009.

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