Don't Litter!

Look, Barbados is beautiful. It is amazingly gorgeous. The sea. The land. All of it is breathtaking. There's no getting around it. Why do I see people here dropping their litter? Please, don't drop your garbage on the ground or in the sea.

In the past couple of weeks I've seen two examples of blatant trash-tossing. Both were locals. Not tourists. Not the cruise ships, okay. One was a family having a lime on the beach near my house. I saw them when I went for a jog. The next morning their plastic liter cola bottles and other junk was in a neat pile right where they left it. No one is coming along the beach to pick up trash. The second time was a child who goes to my children's school. He was drinking a soft drink, surf board under one arm, bottle held in the other hand. As he approached the sea to hit the waves, he stuck the bottle in his mouth. He paddled out a little ways, tilted the bottle back to finish off the last of the soda and then tossed the bottle into the sea.

The sea washes garbage up onto the sand all the time. There's no getting around the fact that the world has a refuse problem. Don't add to it by getting rid of your own leftovers onto the ground. We all have to live here. On earth.

The photo was taken by me in Speightstown, St. Peter.

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