Exercising on the Beach

Prior to moving to Barbados, I tried to figure out as much as possible how I could set up my life as similarly to that of my life in Poughkeepsie. Back home, I went to the college's gym. It;s either cold and snowy or sweltering hot and the gym is climate-controlled. In August or so, about a month before our move, a spoke with Kim about a couple of research-related things and then asked about gyms in Barbados. She didn't actually laugh at me, but she did say something like, 'well, I don't ever go to a gym. I've got the beach.'

I haven't been to a gym here. I've got the beach. I run barefoot along Carlisle Bay beach or on my own beach at Alleyne's Bay, where I can jog all the way to Mullin's Bay. The west coast has lots of long stretches of firm-sand beach, perfect for long walks or quick runs.

Lot's of Bajans workout after work. If they don't happen to live near the beach, you can see folks power walking, running or biking along the highway. It looks odd and seems dangerous, but the highway gives one an open stretch of pavement on which to get in the exercise time. If you're driving at dusk in Barbados, be cautious of the exercising crowd.

Creative Commons Flickr photo is by johncooke.

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