Try Surfer's Cafe in Oistin's

Since coming to Barbados in September last year, we've found a few places we love to go to every now and again. Surfer's Cafe - Obskewer is one of them. This seaside cafe, as you can see in the video, has a terrific view of the Caribbean Sea. But as they say, 'you can't taste the view.' So, go for the view but keep coming back (and bring your friends) for the food.

Not typical Bajan food, the Surfer's Cafe serves up egg breakfasts, like omelets, eggs benedict, breakfast wraps, frittatas. They have bagels and bacon and grilled tomatoes. And the coffee, although not cheap and not a bottomless cup like at home, is the best we've had on the island accept for our own coffee brewed at home. The prices for meals are totally reasonable.

Latitude: 13° 3'51.95"N; Longitude: 59° 32'46.65"W

Where is it? Near Oistins Fish Market. Across the street from the Super Center. Small hole-in-the-wall, a window to the sea. Oh, and they have free wi-fi. This is my "office" on some of my luckier days.

Yes, the bottle of orange stuff on the table is pepper sauce. Use with caution but put it on everything.

Photos are from my Flickr Photostream.

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