March and April are Kiting Flying Months

In Barbados there is a daily gently breeze. The wind is perfect for kite flying (and sailing, and wind surfing, and trips on catamarans...). All during March and now into April, I hear the sound of kites zipping through the air in my neighborhood and I look up and see one lone kite. Or off in the distance, from a hill top, I can see several kites being flown in an open field. Kites stands sprang up in March. Of course, kite flying is an evening or weekend activity.

I asked someone about the kite flying going on now. She said she wasn' t really sure but if one was to fly a kite at any other time of the year, one would look silly. Strange, I thought, with all this wind. Then another person said the reason for the kite flying at this time of year is related to Easter and the resurrection of Christ. The kites symbolize Jesus' rising. Aha!

Creative Commons photo is from orphanjones photostream.


Talk at CERMES on Tablet PCs in Higher Ed

I was invited to give a talk at the monthly lunch-time brown bag series at CERMES. It was nice to go on about using tablet PCs in teaching, especially in the field. These are my slides with links out to the videos I showed.