Christmas in Barbados

Christmas in Barbados is kind of a big deal. All that is on the radio, starting right after Independence Day - Nov. 30, is Christmas music. Every station except for the BBC plays some variety of Christmas songs. There's soca Christmas, reggae Christmas, calypso Christmas, Christmas played with steel pans, and of course, Bing Crosby and White Christmas. The only thing here close to a white Christmas are the white sands of the beaches and white foam in the waves.

Here's an example, it's Scrunter singing "I Want a Piece a Pork for Me Christmas."

This photo of a lady on Christmas day is from notnA's Flickr stream.

We had the great fortune of being invited for Christmas dinner last night. This was a Bajan Christmas. I don't know what other Barbadian Christmas celebrations are like but this was very festive...hats...charades...a beautiful table setting...prayers, one to the Queen (!)...toasts. And the food was delicious. There was baked ham and roasted turkey with fabulous gravy. The stuffing had rum in in. There was jug jug, whipped sweet potatoes, cou cou, beets, macaroni pie, and bread pudding with rum for dessert. You can't tell in the photo but we all have a head adornment of some sort and the table is filled with lovely ornaments, candles and glasses. What a fun time we had and what a privilege to attend.

More photos are here on my Flickr.

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