Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and How the GPS Might Not Be Wrong

Exhausted. Slept in today.  Went to Tel Aviv to meet up with friend and Hebrew tutor we know from home, Kim. We ate at her favorite cafe near her parent's house. Not much to report here accept that Tel Aviv is a city like other large cities with fashionable folks eating pricey food. Oh, and traffic.

In the evening we had plans for a walking tour under the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is something we heard about from friends and from the Lonely Planet. If you go, call ahead and reserve a space. We hit traffic going into Jerusalem. To try to get there on time, we ran through Old Jerusalem, with its narrow and dark catacomb alley ways. We thought we were headed in the right direction but then found ourselves at the upper part of the Western Wall and lacked appropriate shoulder covering. Stress was building because for one thing I felt nervous for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and for another we were now late for our tour.

We did make it to the tour but had to catch up with the rest. The tour was very crowded and so, being at the back, I had a hard time hearing what was going on. Be that as it may, the underside of Jerusalem and the Old City shows many layers of civilization and for that reason alone is worth seeing these tunnels. I didn't take any shots in the tunnels.

Then we got into the car late at night with two crabby teenagers. I plugged in "go home" into the Garmin and then ignored it! I felt the GPS was taking us in a crazy, out of the way direction when really she (our GPS is a she) was trying to get us to avoid driving into the West Bank. We drove into the West Bank anyway, and like two dorky, unseasoned tourists, stopped at the guard station and said we made a mistake and just need to turn around. It was no big deal to him and we were likely being idiots. But if your Garmin tells you to go a certain way you just might have to listen to her.

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