More Cave Time in Mey Kedem and Acco

We got up early and drove from Binyamina to Mey Kedem for a guided walk in a cave with water flowing in it. I didn't take pictures in the cave. This cave was part of the water system put in place by the Romans and King Herod to supply water to Caesarea. We saw the aqueduct yesterday and today the tunnel. Great to have that continuity and I did not realize that this was part of the same water system built so long ago but, of course, it makes sense. The kids loved it. We needed flashlights!

Then we drove north to Acco (also Acre) to see this walled city on the Mediterranean with a mix of Arabs and Jews. When we got there and parked, we noticed there was a lot of festivities going on, especially prominent: very fast, horse-drawn carriages zooming about the narrow streets. Not really sure what it was all about and I don't think it was a holiday.

First, we hopped on a boat that took us around the Acco harbor. You get a nice view of the walled city from the outside, some kids were jumping off the wall in the sea. It takes about a 1/2 hour and was worth it. Walled cities are good (like Old San Juan, Puerto Rico) and still have an appeal in the days of sea level rise.

Then we got off and had a fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice, tart but terrific, ate hummus, tabuli, mushroom salad and Greek salad at restaurant right on the water. Delicious food, I should have gotten the name. We then strolled our way back to the car and shopped along the way. We found, what our daughter calls "Hebrew pants," pants she has been looking for for several years and hasn't found them in the States. I call them MC Hammer pants, others have called them Genie pants. I loved the shopping in the old city, so many beautiful dried goods for sale. My daughter also discovered a new favorite...a Nutella quesadilla.

Then we cruised down the coast road in search of wind surfing. There is a place just south of Caesarea where you can not only wind surf, there's sea kayaks, kite boarding, SUP and surfing. Who knew!?! And it's not all gross and over-run with tourists. As a matter of fact, it has a locals-only kind of vibe. The sand was fantastic. 20 scheckles to park. Food for sale. Very casual. Now THIS was like places in Barbados. Only thing missing were the Jet Ski guys. If I can find it on the map, I'll load it up here, but right now, I can't find it in the Google. Here's a picture instead.

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