Some Photos, What's Been Going on at the Museum

I've gotten to see and do a lot of interesting things at AMNH so here are just a few photos of those things.
We got the inside look at he AMNH Library.
They have a large rare book collection (but I didn't see it). 
Also in the AMNH Library, an extensive collection
of paper photographs like this one. This photo
was taken in Barbados in 1919.

Behind the scenes with an ichthyologist.
These are two coelacanths.
Some skinny, long fish of some sort.

This is one of the classrooms. Our regular Davis classrooms
have been used for summertime teacher professional
development workshops.

Now we're working with a summer program called Lang, and
the project for the next two weeks will be to study Cnidarians or
Sea Anemones using a CT scanner.
Here a Lang student is getting a little background
information on Cnidarians in the Hall of Biodiversity.
And here are some preserved sea anemones and a jellyfish
waiting for lab investigation.
Next up, more on Lang which is our second time working with museum visitors but Lang is a summer institute for middle and high school students focused on learning science. We will be using the CT scanner, the one used in the Picturing Science exhibit, and making 3D models of sea anemones. Well, the students will be!

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