Went to the Top of Xunantunich

Latitude: 17.089032; Longitude: -89.141769

This is getting posted a little late, but we all went for a visit to the Mayan ruins at Xunantunich in Cayo district on March 22. It was quite spectacular to see the looming pyramid structure and to climb to the top of it where there's a wonderful view. Xunantunich is the tallest structure in this set of ruins. There is a center courtyard area with smaller, mound-like structures lining the court. Some of these shorter mounds of artifacts are yet to be uncovered, but after visiting this site, one can spot them all over the country. These are pyramid-shaped yet covered with grass or other, thicker vegetation mounds. Some of the mounds that we've seen since going to Xunantunich are quite high.

For this leg of the journey we stayed in Cahel Pech Resort in San Ignacio. A nice place with a view of the valley.

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