Things We Should Adopt in the U.S. #3

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apalca on Flickr

"Hello, good day."

"Good afternoon."

"Hello, good evening, how're you going? Right."

Pleasantries. I'd love to bring back a tradition of pleasant greetings to the U.S. In Barbados, it's hot. The pace is slower. When people meet up on the street, friendly greetings are exchanged. You slow down, you say hello, then you ask how much it costs to send a letter back home. Ask about how a person's day is going, mean what you ask, then put your groceries on the conveyor belt. Slow down. Be nice.


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Ilene said...

Hey Meg- I love that thoughtful, mellow way. Can't wait to be immersed in that. The way it should be! Love the blog- great work. Can't wait to see you too. We'll call tomorrow for the girl's big day. Lotsa love from us all- Ilene