A Little Nice Press for the Fulbright Award

I'll try not to do this all that often, but this is a cross-posting with my GIS blog.

My local newspaper, the Poughkeepsie Journal, published an announcement about my upcoming Fulbright to the University of the West Indies in yesterday's paper and the geospatial blog All Points Blog got a hold of it. Thanks for posting this, Adena! I hope to meet you some day soon.

No, you do not have to be a faculty member to earn a Fulbright grant.

But I found this blog post from a tweet from FulbrightSchlrs, who wisely thought to send this info along to @vassarnews. Hint!

Added 8/23/09
Here's another blog mention, in a St Vincent and the Grenadines blog.
And MADSVassar blog.
And Employee Leasing Solution blog. (humm?)

Added 12/1/09
Vassar College acknowledges ALL of their 2009-10 Fulbrighters given that Vassar was hailed as a top-producer of Fulbright Scholar and Student recipients amongst liberal arts colleges.

Added 12/23/09
CERMES loaded an end-of-year document with some information about me and the workshop trip to the Grenadines, pages 4 and 5.

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