Meeting Up in Beijing

We gathered at 7pm at the lobby of the Beijing International Hotel (note the curvature which is a little like Noyes House) and then went to a ‘family style’ restaurant. I don’t know the name. It had a lot of tourists in it and the food came out and was placed on a lazy Susan in the middle of the table. It was not outstanding. Our tour operator who has planned everything made sure we had an easy, agreeable meal for our first meal, I think. Here's my review on Tripadvisor.

We will be going to Tibet and that’s a good thing. But we will not go there for another few days. First, tomorrow morning we leave for Chengdu for some touring.

I've been to China once before and then as now I marvel at the interesting ways that the English language comes out in Chinese culture. Here's a lovely example of what I mean:

On an advertisement for the hotel spa that came with my room key under new recommended items...
Whitening and tightening body massage with milk 580 yuan/70 mins
Wonderful experience to make your skin and muscle cells regenerate, to whiten and moist your body, to prevent your body from degradation to keep healthy and gloss.

Photo is by PALLYCH72. Mine aren't ready yet.

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SnowMagnolia said...

Great travelogue so far Meg! Can't wait to see and hear more! My best to everyone and have a great, great time!