Friday Night at Shakers

We went to Shakers tonight. We like this restaurant a lot and it always seems we end up there on Fridays. Shakers is in a house, in a neighborhood. You will not have an awesome view of the sea and sometimes a car will whiz by a little too fast, but you will have a great meal.

I like to get the Catch of the Day which is usually Dolphin (the fish) or Marlin. The seasoning is perfect and the dish comes with salad, cole slaw and grilled potatoes. Our carnivorous daughter likes the tasty steak: she gets it every time. And our vegetarian son likes to get two orders of samosas and a side of grilled potatoes. Other good stuff: grilled flying fish, beer-battered catch of the day, grilled shrimp and hamburgers. On a small island nation, I always stick with the fish.

I don't feel comfortable writing the meal prices just in case they change, but three of us ate at Shakers tonight, had drinks, appetizers and entrees and spent $119 BDS (not including tip). That's $60 USD. I think that's pretty good.

Latitude: 13° 4'37.97"N; Longitude: 59°35'29.77"W

Where is Shakers?: You can find Shakers on the south coast, in Brown's Gap. From the coast road, turn up the hill at Big Johns and follow it past the Pirate's Inn, curve around, go almost to the T and there on the left is Shakers.

Shakers is open evenings Tuesday to Sunday 6 to 10pm. Call co-owner Amy for reservations: 228-8855


Don't Miss the Jammin' Catamaran Cruise

We live in paradise for a year, did I mention that? When you live in Barbados, you get some company from folks living in cold and foreign lands. With all of our friends who have left the chilly northeast to come visit us, we take them on a real treat - the Jammin' Catamaran cruise which sails around the west coast of Barbados. The video below will give you a sense of the atmosphere - music, limin', happy people, fun in the sun as well as in the water. If you're really lucky, when you're on your Jammin' cruise you'll get to see a few sea turtles.

On one Jammin' trip, I overheard the owner/captain Roger say to one of his crew members "give the people what they want!" and Jammin' does do that. Then they passed around a pitcher of Jammin' Rum Punch. Nice!

Jammin's web site:

All the photos shown here are on my Flickr page.